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Best Chinese food Restaurant at Northwest Houston and Cypress area

Sichuan is colloquially known as the "heavenly country" due to its abundance of food and natural resources. One ancient Chinese account declared that the "people of Sichuan uphold good flavor, and they are fond of hot and spicy taste." Most Szechuan dishes are spicy, although a typical meal includes non-spicy dishes to cool the palate. 

The most unique and important spice in Sichuan cuisine is the Sichuan pepper. Sichuan peppercone has an intense fragrant, citrus-like flavour and produces a "tingly-numbing" sensation in the mouth. 

Broad bean chili paste is one of the most important seasonings. It is an essential component to famous dishes such as Mapo tofu and double-cooked pork slices. Sichuan cuisine is the origin of several prominent sauces/flavors widely used in modern Chinese cuisine.

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